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Genie Complete: How to avoid skin problems this summer

How to avoid skin problems this summer

Skin rashes, chapped lips and sticky clothes. Summer is here and with it, the unfortunate side-effects that come with trying to enjoy the sun. Instead of waiting for the worst to happen, we have a few simple tips and tricks to help you minimise the stress the heat and humidity can cause on your skin.

Protecting your skin from the sun

Wear foundation or BB Cream with SPF: Say hello to your all-in-one hero product for the summer! If you don’t want to top up the sunscreen or just don’t have the time before going out, consider using a foundation or BB cream with sun protection mixed right in. Not only will you protect your skin from unwanted breakouts and rashes, but this multipurpose product means you don’t have to worry about the extra steps in your makeup and skincare routine.

Excessive oil and sweating

Blotting paper is your friend: Let’s face it, summer comes with heat and with the heat, comes those unruly sweat beads that we wish would disappear. Instead of letting the heat ruin your makeup with sweat streaks, take some blotting paper out with you and blot away the sweat. It’s small, convenient, and will help control the excess oil build up, as well as keeping your makeup in check.

Skin rashes

Wear loose fitting clothes: We know that bodycon tops and shorts might be the ultimate in stapel summer clothing, but the tightness of fabric on your skin in the sweltering summer heat can cause heat rash. This is because you’re blocking the sweat ducts from being able to do their job. Keep it cool and stick with looser clothes like dresses, looser fitting tops and flared skirts.

Dry skin, chapped lips

Stay hydrated: Okay, we already know you all know this but this genuinely can be the difference between skin that glows as bright as the sun and dry skin and chapped lips that leave you feeling drier than the Sahara desert. The summer heat is responsible for making us lose more water and electrolytes than usual thanks to sweating them out. A few sips of water every couple of hours will ensure you’re ready for anything the sun might throw at you and keep your skin glowing.

Hopefully this year, you’ll remember the fun times you’ve had over the summer and not be afraid to look back on those photos and memories - your skin will be glowing as bright as your summer smile!

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8th July 2019