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Genie Complete: Five Sizzling Summer Fashions

Five Sizzling Summer Fashions

One of the best things about summer is the chance to reinvent your style and be a little more daring with fashion risks that any other season. It's a chance to shake things up and get a little creative. Here are some of our favourite fashion trends for this summer.

Get Cool In Bike Shorts

First yoga pants, shorts? It might sound strange but throw a pair on with a blazer and you’ll see what we mean. They’re actually quite a chic addition to any ensemble, whether it’s a smart blazer and skirt combo, tight bodysuit or an oversized shirt. This might be one of the trickier trends to pull off this season but when done right, it’ll turn heads for all the right reasons.

Unleash Those Animal Instincts

Make a statement this summer with the return of a classic. Animal prints are back and louder than ever. Snake print boots can keep your style looking exciting no matter you pair it with and a leopard spotted midi dress will keep you looking on-point on those summer days that feel as hot as the African jungle. Take a walk on the wild style this summer!

Create Double Denim Trouble

Guess who’s back...back again? Gone are the days where we would cringe at Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake’s double denim look; we’re loving it now! Denim has made a surprising comeback this season and it looks like it’s here to stay. Pair your denim jeans with a denim shirt or jacket for the ultimate look.

Get Colourful with Tie Dye

Another surprise return to the catwalk this season is the 60s and 70s favourite tie dye print. The 2019 chic take on the tie dye look is nothing to worry about though. It’s colourful without being tired and pretty much is the perfect print on a summer beach dress and a cool way to make your jeans stand out against the double denim crowd this summer!

The Future is Neon

It feels like we’re going back in a time machine, right? We get it. Now it feels like we’re back in the 80s, embracing neon for all it’s fluorescent glory. Neon’s comeback is a welcome one, as you’ll find neon summer dresses are a fun way to bring a little vibrancy into your style this summer. If you’re still not sure neon is the way to go, add some neon leggings to your mix and you’ll see what we mean - you’ll brighten up any place with those electric hues!

This season feels like a time machine; we’ve gone back and reinvented some of our favourite styles over the years. Who can say whether we’ll go back even further in time to bring back some even more surprising old classics? Only time will tell. For now, get creative and enjoy your summer in style.

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29th July 2019