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Genie Complete: 5 Make-Up Mishaps to Avoid

5 Make-Up Mishaps to Avoid

Make-up can be an incredible way of expressing your creativity - and really, if we're honest, there are no limits to the looks you can achieve. However, from skincare to removal, you have to be extra careful when it comes to applying makeup on your skin. Here's some makeup mishaps you'll want to side-step to keep your skin and makeup looking iridescent.

Not prepping your skin with moisturiser or primer

This step is vital, especially for those of you who suffer from dry skin. Not only will your makeup application feel much smoother, but the extra layer keeps your skin much more hydrated and protects your pores from any extra makeup build up.

Too much foundation

The temptation to cover anything we might find a flaw on our skin is huge when it comes to applying makeup and there is no bigger criminal than foundation. However, if you’re guilty of lathering on the foundation, here’s how you can fix it. Use a thin foundation or apply one layer and wait. Wait for it to settle before deciding if you want to apply another layer. Remember, foundation is used to even out our skin tone - not cover up any blemishes. Go easy!

Blending with the wrong tools (Beauty blender is a no-no!)

This will depend on what you feel is best for your skin and whatever makeup you’re applying. We’re not saying sharp eyeshadows and eyebrows are a no-no, but for something like foundation, you’ll find your makeup looks cakey if you’re using a blending sponge. That’s because it absorbs most of the product so you’re left with patchy areas or you end up applying to much foundation to compensate. Instead, invest in a foundation brush for smoother and more even coverage.

Applying lipstick to naked lips (& a little tip for getting it off your teeth)

This one is very specific but it can make a world of difference. Directly applying lipstick onto your lips without doing anything first can make it look dry and the lipstick won’t last as long - no matter what the packaging says. Prime your lips with some moisturiser and your lipstick will glide on with ease and stay put for longer. Stay away from facial primers on your lips as these can end up drying them out more.

Only lining your lower lids

Eyeliner is a staple in most people’s makeup routine, but many fail to properly line their eyes. You might be guilty of only lining the lower portion out of habit but in fact, this makes your eyes look smaller and bottom heavy. As well as that it can make you look a little tired. Avoid that and even it out by giving your eyes a much brighter, wider appearance by lining your top lids too.

Makeup is a tricky thing to master, and there will always be a new way of doing things. Stick to the basics if you’re worried. Natural looks can never go wrong, and if you feel adventurous - feel free to experiment! Just make sure you look after your skin too.

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13th August 2019