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Genie Complete: Harvesting a New Fitness Routine for Autumn

Harvesting a New Fitness Routine for Autumn

As Autumn appears, you'll want to start thinking about changing up your fitness regime. The days are getting longer and colder, which means you're going to want to start layering up, planning ahead and changing your diet to accommodate.

The physical toll a new season can have on your body, especially going from hot to cold can be hard - so prepare well with the tips below.

Enjoy the crunch, not just the burn

As the leaves start falling from the trees, you’ll find the pavements littered with them. We don’t know about you, but we find that feeling the crunch underneath your trainers or bike wheels as you train is incredibly satisfying and a wonderful way to enjoy the new season. If you can, find some nearby park trails for running or bike riding to really relish the Autumn season.

Wrap up

Summer is officially over. Whilst you don’t necessarily have to ditch the shorts and crop tops, you will need to add a few more layers to your ensemble. Adding some more loose fitting workout wear to your wardrobe will ensure you stay warm, but also that you don’t overheat when you need to cool down during your workout. Wear shorts over your leggings in case you really overheat and need to switch and a tank top underneath your regular top for when the burn catches up.

Eat the Season up

Yes, you know what we’re about to say - ‘tis the season to enjoy those sweet pumpkin spice lattes. Autumn brings about a colourful change in season vegetables including apples, pears, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, parsnips and more. Browse the produce aisle at your local supermarket and make sure you take full advantage before it’s gone!

Go back to school

With the ‘back to school’ mentality still drummed into us, this might be the perfect time to start a new class. As the days get colder, you’ll probably avoid working out outside as much; so instead, you can fill that time with a new fitness class. Whether it’s spinning, yoga or karate, you’ll be sure to meet new people and stay motivated as the months grow colder.

Autumn is an incredibly fun season; it has Halloween, fireworks nights, and all sorts of events to keep you entertained and occupied. Shaking up your fitness routine will only add to the entertainment of the season, so pick up your trainers, zip up you hoodie and rake in all that autumn has to offer.

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9th October 2019