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Genie Complete: 3 Ways to Grow Your Beauty Salon Business

3 Ways to Grow Your Beauty Salon Business

We get it: growing your beauty business can be stressful. Beauty trends come in fast and can turn the entire industry on its head. They leave just as fast, meaning you might be struggling to bring in clientele when a specific treatment isn't fancied anymore.

With beauty being so susceptible to changing at a moment’s notice, it’s important you’re able to provide your clientele with exactly what they want by staying well ahead of the curve. It starts with giving them services they’ll need for longer than a beauty trend sticks around. It has to offer longevity; something that keeps them coming through your door.

So how can we help you do that?

At Genie Lifestyle, we don’t just offer you a product; we offer viable solutions for you to stay in business.

Multiple services:

Genie Lifestyle offers more than one service; this is because we wanted to ensure your business is going to be able to offer everything your clientele will want in order for you to be able to make your money back from investing with us. From our 10 minute facelift to luxury treatments, there are a variety of services so you’ll be able to provide a plethora of benefits for the client.


As the treatments we provide are non-surgical, you’ll find your clientele will need more rebookings, keeping your business afloat, especially during down-periods. You’ll find that they’ll love the instant results and understand that in order to keep it up, they’ll need regular rebookings. Your calendar should fill up quite nicely, as a result.

Amazing results = more recommendations:

Our services and treatments give instant results that can wow your clientele. This buzz of excitement over a 10 minute face lift, for example, can spread like wildfire and give your business the ultimate edge over your competitors. Imagine being able to say you offer the world’s fastest face-lift? The convenience is appealing the customers, the exclusivity that they’ll feel will get them excited, and the results will keep them coming back and recommending your salon.

Giving our clients long-lasting business solutions is our prime goal. We want to ensure that you’re providing your clientele with the best beauty treatment services they’ll find in your area, giving your business the edge as well as becoming a highly recommended salon because of it.

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30th October 2019