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Lymphatic Drainage

Complete Detox

Your lymph drainage is your body’s natural waste disposal unit. When this gets over loaded with toxins it can cause various problems. The Lymphatic Module may be used to treat and improve problems on both body and face.

It is recommended for the treatment of reduction in cellulite, retention of fluid and other problems related to lymphatic stagnancy. Lymph drainage is the basis for internal cleansing treatments and is a means of improving circulation. The skin, body tissues, muscles and glands are regenerated.

The skin becomes softer, more beautiful, healthier and younger looking in both face and body. Lymph drainage even remolds the figure, because of the more even distribution of body fluids.

Reasons to consider a lymph treatment
  • It may speed up the removal of toxins from the body.
  • Weight gain
  • Assists towards cellulite reduction
  • Bad circulation at superficial level, which leads to a dry appearance of the skin, atrophy of subcutaneous tissues, and wrinkles.
  • Help with the healing of scar tissue because of its regenerative actions.
  • Lymphatic stagnancy in the legs (infiltrations, oedemas, and cellulite)
  • Bags under the eyes / Dark circles
  • Drainage of sinus

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