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Salon Support

We provide our customers with a large range of food, health and treatment advice, if you are one of our registered customers you can download anything on this page for free. You will need your registered email address and registration code. If you are not one of our customers please contact us and we can can talk!



Luxury Treatments

Apple and Cinnamon Flap Jacks
Apricot and Lemon Mousse
Banana Pancakes
Bean Burrito
Beef Patti
Can Carbohydrates Tell the Time
Cajun Style Cod
Carrot Cake
Chicken and Mango Kebabs
Chicken Ballini
Date and Oat Muffins
Eating Out
French Bread Pizza
Health Bread
Hot Spicy Prawns with Capellini
Lentil and Vegetable Stew
Low Carb Vegetables
Melon with Berry Fruit Coulis
Mixed Fruit and Oat Muffins
Oatmeal Cookies
Potato Nachos
Soya: The Bean with Huge Benefits
Smoked Salmon Salad
Super Foods - Pineapple
Super Foods - Tomatoes
Super Foods - Walnuts
Super Foods - Yoghurt
Tea Cakes
Thai Chicken and Vegetable Stir-fry
Tropical Fruit Salad
Yoghurt Berry Ice
Your Shopping List
Vegan Nutrition Plan
Detox Nutrition Plan
Average Weight Loss Plan
8 Steps to Fat Loss
12 Top Weight Loss Tips
15 Minute Challenge
30 Minutes to Burn
Breast Awareness
Crunch Alternatives
Feeling Fruity
Flexibility and Stretching
Follow Your Heart
Food Labels
Getting Enough Shut-eye
Going Vegetarian
Guilt Free Party Tricks
Hill walking
Guide to Cardiovascular Equipment
Boost Your Immune System
Ironing Out the Problems
Is Organic Better
Nutrition to Alleviate Stress
Row Your Way to a Better Body
Say Goodbye to the Fat
Stop Dieting - Start Living
Taking the Lunge
Taking the Plunge
The Core
The Countdown
The Facts Behind Fats
Trouble Spots
What is Cellulite
What is RDA
Why Your NOT Losing Weight
Women and Exercise
Women and Weights
Acne Treatment
Age Defying
Eyes Like Diamonds
Little Black Dress or Genie Bikini
Neck Revival
Party Eyes
Satin Cleavage
Sinus and Hayfever
Summer Ready Feet
Ultimate Facial
Velvet Hands