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Genie Luxury Treatments

Velvet Hands

The hands often show the first signs of ageing as the skin is more exposed to environmental factors and therefore more prone to damage. Genie can help you turn back the hands of time with the Velvet Hands signature treatment.

Eyes Like Diamonds

Eyes are the windows of the soul which give your face energy and individuality, so keep your peepers sparkling and enhance their beauty with a Genie "Eyes Like Diamonds" treatment.

Little Black Dress or Genie Bikini

Whether you're looking to slip into that slinky little black dress or brave the beaches with your new bikini, the one thing that concerns the majority of women is... Cellulite. If you feel like you're carrying a few extra pounds or that your skin is looking a little dimply then the LBD Genie Bikini treatment may be the answer.

Ultimate Facial

Special occasions call for ultimate measures, that's where the ultimate facial comes in. Within 1.5 hours your face can be transformed from looking dull, puffy, with dark circles and eye bags and in some cases sagging skin, into a glowing, lifted, slimmer, dark circle and bag free, beautiful and more youthful looking you.

Party Eyes

Late nights usually equate to puffy eyes and having to resort to sunglasses to hide the evidence, even when there is no sun. Genie has come to the rescue with a quick and effective signature treatment known as "Party Eyes" which combines Lymphatic Drainage and Micro-Tech therapy so you can face the world with confidence again.

Acne Treatment

As well as amazing face and body toning and slimming treatments, the Genie Complete System is able to treat conditions such as acne, rosacea, hormonal skin changes, scars wrinkles, skin hydration, removal of toxins, and under eye oedemas (bags).

Age Defying

Want to stay looking young and radiant without going under the knife? Genie can help you combat the signs of aging with the Genie "Age Defying" salon treatment. As skin ages, facial muscles begin to shrink and the drooping effect on the face and neck can be very ageing. Genie "Age Defying" combines two effective treatments: Take 10 to re-build and lift aging muscle, re-contour features and smooth and tighten facial tissues, cheekbones can be enhanced and jaw lines sharpened helping to lift and tone the neck area. Genie Micro-Tech therapy is programmed to be gentle to delicate skin.

Elegant Elbows and Satin Knees

If you're an avid reader of gossip magazines then you would have seen the feature on Hollywood stars and their dry and baggy knees. Not a particularly flattering feature, so if you've now become paranoid about your knees and elbows genie has the perfect treatment to keep the paparazzi at bay.

Neck Revival

Preserving a youthful appearance is a common goal, especially amongst middle aged women. However, the area that's a dead giveaway for your true age, yet tends to be neglected, is the neck and décolleté.

Satin Cleavage

The décolleté is a delicate area of the chest which can easily show signs of aging with fine lines, crêpe sun damaged skin and loss of tone within the muscles. During the summer months this area is more exposed to harmful UV rays which can accelerate the aging process. The Genie Satin Cleavage treatment combines two innovative machines that will firstly exfoliate and then deeply moisturize the area.

Sinus and Hayfever

Blocked sinuses can cause facial discomfort, runny nose, puffy eyes and a reduced sense of smell. By using the lymphatic sinus drainage treatment on the Genie complete, you can help to alleviate the symptoms above; this can also help with snoring and hay fever allergies.

Summer Ready Feet

Summer holidays happen all year round with people eagerly jetting off to avoid the winter blues. Most people prepare their skin for the onslaught of sun exposure, but have you focused on looking good from head to toe? Feet are often neglected and left looking ugly with dry, cracked heels. But that's nothing that good pampering can't sort out. The Genie Summer Ready Feet treatment will get your feet looking pretty in no time.

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